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Alongside our extensive collection of popular fiction and non-fiction titles, you'll find a wide variety of rare, hard-to-find, and out-of-print books at The Village Booksmith.  Below is a partial list of some of the gems from our shelves.  This listing is updated approximately once a week.  If you are interested in a particular volume, please call or email us to make sure that it still in stock.  We will gladly put it on hold for you.

Please also note that we are real people in a bricks-and-mortar store on an actual downtown street.  We are not forklift jockeys at some multi-national warehouse, nor are we experts in HTML or web design.  We are decidedly old-school.  If you'd like to buy one of the books listed here, the best way to do that is to stop by our store in person.  If you just can't make it to Baraboo, please contact us to make arrangements for payment and shipping.

All prices listed below do not include shipping or insurance.  If you're using Firefox, you can view a larger image by right-clicking on any thumbnail below and selecting "View Image."  You can view a list of additional titles here.  
$75Mary Poppins Magic Cookbook - SOLD!
C and H Magic Frosting Sugar, 1963.  
Condition: Fine
Nothing helps Bert's Chimney Puffs, Michael's Magic Scones, or Jane's Gingerbread Cut-outs go down more than a few tablespoons of California and Hawaiian Sugar!  This 26-page pamphlet is in like-new condition, with the exception of a scuff along the bottom edge of the back cover.  Eighteen recipes prepared by Jean Porter of the "famous" C and H Sugar Kitchen.

$60 Kidnapped - SOLD!
Robert Lewis Stevenson
Scribner's, 1937.  Hardcover.
Condition: Very Good
First edition of the classic tale, subtitled The Adventures of David Balfour. 289 pages.  Fold-out map and featuring nine color illustrations by N.C. Wyeth.  We also have a nice edition of The Scottish Chiefs by Jane Porter, also handsomely illustrated by Wyeth ($90).
$150Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Exclusive Scholastic School Market Edition
Scholastic, September 2008.  Paperback.
Condition: Good
Exceptionally rare re-issue of the classic that started it all for the scholastic Book Club.  Corners bumped, crease along top right of front cover, and one interior page has been dog-eared.  Otherwise, in good shape, with no writing, highlighting, or other defacements.
$50Breathers (book one)
Justin Madson
Just Mad Books, 2007.  Paperback.
Condition: Very Good
Rare early version of the first installment of the wildly popular graphic novel series by Baraboo artist Justin Madson.  Sixty tightly-crafted, stark black-and-white pages tell the story of Mara and her pet dragon, Tobey and Easter, Detective Marsh and others as they navigate a disurbingly prescient future where everyone needs to wear a mask.  7" x 8-1/2".
$200The Arkham Collector, volume 1
Arkham House, Sauk City, WI
348 pages.  Hardcover.
Condition: As New
A bound collection of the first ten issues of The Arkham Collector by August Derleth, spanning summer 1967 through summer 1971.  As a special bonus, this particular copy was cound upside-down!  Otherwise, the copy is clean, crisp, and fresh as the day it came off the press.
$30Frog Raising - SOLD!
American Frog Canning Company, New Orleans
48 pages, 1937.  Softcover.
Condition: Very Good
Presenting the "true facts about frogs and frog raising," this slim volume has all you need to know about The Many Uses of Frogs, Famous Recipes for Frogs, Catching Frogs for the Market, and Shipping Dressed Frogs. Terrific photos of the "Nufond Giant" and a variety of other species.  Did you know that frog skin glue is "said to be very strong and suitable for mending crockery and glassware"?
$30Origami Festival / Origami Holiday
Isao Honda
Japan Publications, Inc.  1967 First Editions
Condition: Very Good
Extremely rare copies of Origami Festival and Origami Holiday.  Both feature small packets of  paper, along with several examples of the finished creations laid in.  Honda, who died in 1975, was considered the doyen of the modern origami movement and one can speculate whether the included samples were folded by the master himself.  ($30 per book.)
$35Famous Fantastic Mysteries
Edited by Mary Gnaedinger
Volume 14, Number 4; June, 1953.  Periodical
Condition: Good
Features Anthem by Ayn Rand, The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, and a terrific short story called Find The Happy Children, among others. Plus, instructions on ordering the RUPTURE-EASER on the back cover!  Cover is significantly chipped, but interior pages are complete and clean.
$45Piano To The Stars  (Signed!)
Marvin Teske
Daniels Publishing Company, 1982.  
Condition: Very Good
The piano-playing pride of Wisconsin Rapids dishes on a few of the 126 stars he has accompanied during his career at Nino's Steak Roundup in Milwaukee, including Bob Denver, one of the "Wildest Stars I Ever Met."  Inscribed by the author to Ron & Tillie.
$250Three Rivers South
Virginia S. Eifert
Dodd, Mead & Co., 1955.  176 pages, HC with dust jacket.
Condition: Very Good
Third printing of this exceptionally rare young adult biography featuring 13 illustrations by renowned Regional artist Thomas Hart Benton.  Inscribed by author on FEP: For W. G. Evenson with the most cordial friendship of the author. June 16, 1958.
$45Wilderness Treasure
Frances L. Jewett and Clare L. McCausland
Riverside Press 1964.  294 pages plus index.
Condition: Fine
Chronicling the investigation of the American wilderness by nine early explorers, including John Bartram, Andre Micheaux, David Douglas, and Dr. Henry Perrine, this volume includes the rare signatures of both authors.  Illustrated by William Barss.  Binding tight, pages are clean and bright.  
$200Journal of the Discovery of the Source of the Nile
John Hanning Speke
Harper & Brothers, 1864.  590 pages.
Condition: Good
Livingstone's rival chronicles his travels through east Africa in search of the headwaters of the Nile.  Includes many great illustrations "chiefly from drawing by Captain Grant."  Moderate spotting throughout.  Fold-out map is included, but has been torn from the book and is in rather rough shape.
$75Winnie-the-Pooh Upside-Down Story Book Album
As told by James Stewart
Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger and
Winnie-the-Pooh and the heffalump
Condition: Good
RCA Victor two-record, two-story set of these A. A. Milne classics, narrated by Jimmy Stewart and "completely dramatized with sound effects and music."  Album sleeves have become separated from book, and the hinge is a bit weak, but otherwise, this item is in terrific condition, with no writing, highlighting, tears, crayon, or other blemishes.  Record surfaces appear to have some minor scratches.  Copyright dates listed as 1926 and 1928 by E. P. Dutton, but no production date given.
$45Historia y Anthologia de la Poesia Castellana
edited by M. Aguilar
with introduction by Federico Carlos Sainz de Robles

1946.  Leatherbound, 1718 pages.
Condition: Acceptable
What makes this first edition such a treasure is the really remarkable fore-edge decoration.  You'll have to place this one backwards on your bookshelf so everyone can see it!  Slight wrinkling from water damage on bottom corner and occasional ink marks thoughout.
$200A Glimpse Into My Garden
Short Poems by Thornapple (a.k.a. Blanche Jennings Thompson)

Thorold (Ontario) Post, 1903.  Hardcover, 100 pages.
Condition: Very Good
A very scarce edition of this slim book of poetry, bound in what appears to be snakeskin or something very similar.  Inscribed in pencil on the FEP by the author's sister, Ethel Thompson, and on next page in ink by Sue A Prideaux from "Tom."  Corners slightly bumped, but pages are clean and clear.
$65The Yellow Submarine Gift Book- SOLD!
based on The Beatles cartoon film..
World Distributors, Ltd. 1968.  Hardcover, unpaginated.
Condition: Very Good
"Authorised Edition" featuring The Head Blue Meanie, Old Fred, Lord Mayor, and The Boob!  Slight sticker residue on cover, and "Merry Christmas Andy" inscription in red pen on FEP.  Otherwise, in really terrific shape.  All you need is love . . .and this book!
$50The Jabez Brown Twins; A Family Portrait
Melissa and Valerie Brown
privately printed by Melissa Brown, 1948.  Softcover, 84 pages.
Condition: Very Good
Penned by twins Melissa and Valerie, raised in the hills and valleys of Quaker country near Valton, Wisconsin this scarce memoir covers 75 years of Sauk County and Madison history.  Melissa went on to manage the College Book Store in Madison.
$85Our Edible Toadstools and Mushrooms ang How to Distinguish Them
W. Hamilton Gibson
Harper and Brothers, 1903.  Hardcover, 337 pages.
Condition: Good
"A Selection of Thirty Native Food Varieties Easily Recognizable by their Marked Individualities, with Simple Rules for the Identification of Poisonous Species."  Includes 30 color plates and 57 other illustrations, including "The Deadly Amanita."  The color and detail on the plates is quite extraordinary. a few pages are partially loose, and a few thumb smudges here and there.  Inscribed on FEP For Papa from Margaret, Catharine, Ralph, Bancroft Dec. 25, 1905.
Compiled and edited by S. M. McKeown
S. D. Montgomery, Ltd. (Omagh, N. Ireland), 1973.  Paperback.  181 very thin pages. .
Condition: Excellent
$75 Wildlife Art: A selection of Minnesota's finest wildlife paintings, sculptures, and woodcarvings.
Wildlife Heritage Foundation, Eighth Edition, 1986.
Condition: Very Good
Collection featuring representative samples of the works of 60 Minnesota artists, published as a fundraiser for MWHF.  Signed in marker by 59 of the artists including Les Kouba, Terry Redlin, Jerry Raedeke, and David Maass (Theresa Marschel must have been out in the Boundary Waters that day).  #56 of 99 numbered copies.
$150The Wisconsin Farmer and North-western Cultivator (1858)
D.J. Powers, J.W. Hoyt, & Mrs. E.O. Sampson Hoyt, editors.
Powers & Hoyt, Madison.  Hardcover.
Condition: Good
Volume X of A Monthly Journal Devoted to Agriculture, Horticulture, Mechanic Arts and Rural Economy.  Twelve monthly issues bound into one hardcover edition.  Includes index.  Spine is cracked and some spotting to pages.  Embellished and illustrated with numerous engravings!
$175Report on the Geological Survey of the State of Wisconsin (vol. 1)
James Hall and J.D. Whitney
Wisconsin Legislature, 1862.  455 pages, Hardcover.
Condition: Fair
A comprehensive early study of the state's geology, with a special emphasis on mining, and a few short chapters on fossils and mammilian remains.  Volume 1 only.  Some foxing to pages.  The final two of twelve plates/maps at the back are missing, but the other ten are super-cool!.
$60The Modern New Testament From the Aramaic
Translated from original Aramaic Sources by George M. Lamsa
DeVorss, 1998.  First edition thus. Paperback.
Condition: Like New
"A fresh translation of the New Testament of the Peshitta by an Assyrian born and reared in the East, where manners and customs have remained unchanged from biblical times."  527 pages plus introduction and maps. 4-3/8" x 6-1/2"  
$20A Little Cook Book for a Little Girl
Caroline French Benton
Dana Estes & Co. , 1905.  Hardcover.
Condition: Good
The front cover is very worn, but the inside of this volume is solid, though often stained from use in the kitchen.  Includes chapters on what Margaret and her "Pretty Aunt" and "Other Aunt" made for breakfast, luncheon, and dinner.  179 pages.
$85Solution Gamma
Jaroslav Brodsky
Frank Vedrina Printing, toronto , 1971.  Paperback.
Condition: Very Good
Translated from the Czech by Kaca Polackova, this appears to be a privately printed proof of Brodsky's autobiographical account of the horrors and crimes committed by the Czechoslovakian Communist regime. Exceptiopnally scarce.  255 pages.
$25Good Luck Mick and Mandy
Annie M. G. Schmidt
Odhams Press Limited , 1977.  First printing. Paperback.
Condition: Very Good
First UK edition of the many adventures of Dutch neighbors Mick and Mandy including "It Takes a Long Time to Shave," "Half a Pound of Sugar," and "Lovely Blue Paint."  English translation by Rose E. Pool and pictures by Fiep Westendorp.  80 pages.
$95Face the North Wind
Arthur L. Karras
Fifth House, 2005. Paperback.
Condition: As New
Following the travails of two hardy Canadian cousins embarking on careers as trappers in 1920s northern Saskatchewan, this biography also includes tales from the Hudson's Bay Company, encounters with wolves, and lessons from living off the unmapped valleys and uncharted waters.
$50I Got Ya, Elvis, I Got Ya!
Betty Page
Pages' Publishing , 1977.  First printing. Paperback.
Condition: Very Good
One couple's quest to follow The King on his after-hours tours through several cities, shows, and recreation areas. Can you say "stalking"?  Or in the author's words, "Excitement galore!"
$30The Truth About Sporting Dogs
C. Bede Maxwell
Howell Book House, 1972.  Hardcover, w/o dust jacket.
Condition: Very Good
Neglecting no possible source of information, Mrs. Maxwell includes sections on spaniels, setters, pointers, retrievers, and "utility breeds" such as the Pudelpointer and Vizsla.  336 pages.  Some spotting along page edges, but clean and bright inside.  Gift inscription to "the great white hunter" on title page.
$150Dialect in Swahili
C. H. Stigand
Cambridge University Press, 1915.  Hardcover.
Condition: Good
or A Grammer of Dialectic Changes in the Kiswahili Language.  Withdrawn from the University of Wisconsin Library.  A few stray pencil marks, but otherwise very good condition.  Bears the stamp on front end page of F.R. Thorold, Africana & Legal Bookseller, Johannesburg.
$35Inlandsche Kunst
S.E. Gobee & Co..  Paperback, 34 pages.
Condition: Good
Catalog of batick (sic), leather, brass, tortoiseshell, silverwork, and other arts & crafts articles from Indonesia circa 1930.
$95Anecdotes of Scott
James Hogg
Edinburgh University Press, 1999.  Hardcover w/ dust jacket.
Condition: As New
Volume seven of  The Stirling / South Carolina Research Edition of The Collected Works of James Hogg.  Edited by Jill Rubenstein.  An affectionate and frank account of the author's long friendship with Sir Walter Scott.  "Lively, readable, idiosyncratic, and disconcerting"!
$120Zdravotni radce
Dr. Adolf Muller & Dr. Max Popper
Jimdrich Dostal, Vienna, second edition (year unknown)
Condition: Very Good
Our Czech is kinda rusty, but this appears to be a two-volume set, perhaps for medical students.  The title translates roughly as "Health Counselors."  Worth the price just for the gorgeous color cover, but wait!  It also includes fold-out anatomical guides at the back of each volume.  And that's not all!  There's also a special supplement (or doplnek) concerning diseases of the naughty bits!  479 and 522 pages per volume.
$45Practical Psychology In Seven Volumes
A Course of Lessons disclosing the Secret of Health, Efficiency, Happiness, and Achievement.
Henry Knight Miller
Psychology Publishing, 1924.
Condition: Very Good
Fourteen lessons in seven petite (4" x 5-1/2") volumes, including questionaires for self-examination.  Comes with original shipping wrapper to Angela Lange of Chicago.  Ten cent stamp!
$150The Life Magnet
Robert Collier
Robert Collier, Inc 1928.
Condition: Very Good
Seven-volume religious tract by the author of The Secret of the Ages (which we also have!) proclaiming that the time is now (well, 1928) for those who fully understand the mysterious Spirit which can do anything!  Learn to harness this truly "illimitable" power!  4-3/4" x 7".
$150Rancho Boca de Santa Monica
Daniel Kilgore Marquez
Vantage Press, 1977.  First Edition. Hardcover w/ dust jacket.
Condition: As New
A collection of stories from one of the most famous ranchos that once spread over thousands of acres in southern California.  The author is the great-grandson of the original owner of the rancho, who was granted the land by the San Gabriel Mission as part of New Spain.
$50Mr. Kennedy: We Challenge You
Hendon M. Harris, Jr
Knightsbridge Christian Publications, 1960.  Softcover.
Condition: Very good

The folks in Anderson, Indiana really like capital letters.

This book is dedicated to "our heroic, Bible-believing forefathers who suffered for freedom so that all Americans might have political and religious liberty, separation of church and state, and the true knowledge of God through Jesus Christ our Lord." 
$100The Life and Times of Aodh O'Neill
John Mitchel
P. M. Haverty, 1868.  Hardcover.
Condition: Very Good
...Prince of Ulster; Called by the English Hugh, Earl of Tyrone, with some account of his predecessors, Con, Shane and Titlough. Spine is faded, but pages and text are clean and crisp throughout, with no spotting or yellowing.  252 pages.
$95Oshkosh The Brave
Phebe Jewell Nichols (aka Mrs. Angus F. Lookaround)
Castle-Pierce Co, 1954.  Hardcover.
Condition: Very Good
Pocket-sized biography of the Chief of the Wisconsin Menominee and his family, published by the Menominee Indian Reservation, is described as "the finest work of portraying the true life of my ancestors and our people" by Chief Roy J. Oshkosh.  Inscribed to Fred Ott by the author,  October 6, 1956.  
$100The Paradox of the Human Condition
S. Dillon Ripley
Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing (India)1985.  First printing.
Condition: As New
A scientific and philosophical exposition of the environmental and ecological problems that face humanity
.  That subtitle seems to sum it up.  Extremely rare 54-page paperback, signed on front cover by author in October, 1988.
$20The Annotated Guide to Robert E. Howard's Sword & Sorcery
Robert Weinberg
Starmont House, 1976.  Paperback.
Condition: Very Good
A guide and critical commentary to Robert E. Howard's fiction, including King Kull, Solomon Kane, and, of course, Conan.  Disappointed by the lack of serious consideration of the science fiction genre, the author's opinions are "intended to stir some thought, perhaps even some controversy."
$35 / $95Ravenloft Gazetteer
Volumes 2 / 3
Wizards of the Coast.
Condition: Like New
Curious about the Renaissance-like intrigues of Dementlieu?  The ghost-riddled land of Mordent?  How about the towering forests of Falkvonia?  To get the full D&D experience, you'll need these setting sourcebooks for the Legacies of Terror, Lands of Legend, and Landscapes of Intrigue.
$300State Parks for Wisconsin  - SOLD!
Report of John Nolen, Landscape Architect
Condition: Acceptable
Original 1909 report from landscape architect John Nolen to the State Park Board of Wisconsin advocating for the creation of parks at Devil's Lake (check), Wyalusing (check), Door County (check), and Wisconsin Dells (oops).  Inlcudes many black-and-white plates of each site and letters of support from John Olin, Charles Van Hise, J. Horace McFarland, and more.  Green hardcover binding has come loose from the stapled pages, and the final plate and REP have separated from the rest, but the pages are remarkably clean and free of markings.  A historical jewel!
$30Literaire Tekeningen
Siegrfried Woldhek
De Bezige Bij, Amsterdam 1980.  Signed by Author.
Condition: Very Good
Very scarce 79-page hardcover collection of charicatures by the Dutch artist, including a very nice sketch of a fledged crane and inscribed "for George 16.9.1985." With introduction by Rudy Kousbroek.
$125Wildflowers of Louisiana
Caroline Dormon
Doubleday, Doran & Co., 1934.  First Edition.
Condition: Fair
. . . Including Most of the Herbaceaous Wild Flowers of the Gulf States, With the Exception of Mountainous Regions, and the Sub-tropical Portions of Florida and Texas.  How's that for a subtitle?  Twenty-four color plates and 38 illustrations by the author. Withdrawn from the Evanston Public Library.
$25One Horse, One Hundred Miles, One Day
Sam Savitt
Dodd, Mead & Co., 1981.  First Edition.
Condition: Fine
The story of The Western States 100 Miles One Day Endurance Race for the Tevis Cup, the most difficult and demanding endurance ride in the world. Ninety pages, with copious illustrations by the author.
$30Pennsylvania - German Dictionary
Marcus Bachman Lambert M.A.
Schiffer Ltd., 1977.  Paperback.
Condition: Good
Forecasting a time when the vast majority of Pennsylvania Germans will no longer be able to converse in the language of their forefathers, this scarce reprint from the Pennsylvania-German Society (1924) aims to supply the urgently needed grammar and dictionary in 187 pages.
$110A "Compendium"* of Muskie Angling History
Larry Ramsell
Echo Printing, Alexandria, MN.  Paperback.
Condition: Very Good
The author, a dedicated member and officer of Muskies, Inc. thoughtfully provides this definition on the front cover: A compendium gathers together and presents in concise or in outline form all the essential facts and details of a subject.  No publication date given.
$95The Lobster Books 
Richard W. Hatch; Illustrated by Marion Freeman Wakeman
Riverside Press, 1951.  Hardcover.
Condition: Very Good
Two books in one volume: The Curious Lobster & The Curious Lobster's Island
One day Mr. Lobster decided to satisfy his curiosity about the sculpin.  "Because," he said to himself with a great deal of wisdom, "satisfying your curiosity is what brings knowledge.  Besides, it is a very pleasant thing to do."  Thus begins Mr. Lobster's adventures, where he Discovers the Land, Takes a Very Dangerous Trip, Faces the Winter, and Flies Through the Air in the course of 26 thrilling chapters.
$45The Rise of the Meritocracy 1870 - 2033
Michael Young
Random House, 1959.  Hardcover (no dust jacket).
Condition: Very Good
Written as a historical analysis looking backward from the year 2034, Young's sociological satire describes the the rise of the new elite of "Our Social Revolution" in 160 compulsively enjoyable pages.  Alas, not the world's most attractive cover.
$350Sawdust in his Shoes
Eloise Jarvis McGraw
Coward-McCann, Inc., 1950.  Hardcover.
Condition: Good with good dust jacket
Tenth impression of this warm and exciting story of Joe Lang, third generation child of the circus, whom tragedy makes an orphan.  Will Joe embrace his new life at the industrial school or will the law grant custody to Mo Shapely the clown?  You'll read straight through to the gripping climax! Handsomely illustrated by Pers Crowell.
$40The Townsend Plan
J. W. Brinton
Old Age Revolving Pensions, Ltd., 1936.  Hardcover (no dust jacket).
Condition: Very Good
"Youth for Work -- Age for Leisure" declares this National Recovery Plan calling for a U.S. government pension of $200 for those over 60 years old. Dr. Francis E. Townsend is at the helm of this visionary 95-page volume, which calls for funding through a national 2% transaction tax.

$30Echoes in the Arrowhead Country
Frank P. Jeric
Exposition Press, 1969.  Hardcover. Signed by the author
Condition: Very Good
First edition.  A collection of action-packed sagas, set in the wilds of Minnesota, that will excite the pulse of all nature and suspense lovers. Inscribed on title page, "To Mel who inspired me to write 'It is lots of fun.' Frank P. Jeric"
$200Badger's Beech
Elleston Trevor
Charter House, 1978.  Paperback.
Condition: Very Good
Just try finding another paperback copy of this exceptionally rare "Woodlander" book!!  Illustrated by Leslie Atkinson.  Originally priced at $2.95, now a steal at $200!
A Personal and Cultural History of an Era:An Autobiography

by Timothy Leary;  foreword by William S. Burroughs
published by G. P. Putnam's Sons., New York.  1990.
Condition: As New
"Part man, part myth; part knight, part dragon," Timothy Leary recounts the story of his most extraordinary life with candor and iconoclastic humor in this 407-page paperback.  **Signed by Leary on front endpapers on "2-1-96."**
$40Thursday's Child
Eartha Kitt
Duell, Sloan and Pearce, 1956.  First Edition with dust jacket..
Condition: Very Good
Underneath the controlled fervor of her prose, there is a great deal that is provocative and profound, as this autobiography traces Kitt's path from the cotton fields of South Carolina to the bright lights of Broadway.  250 pages, plus 16 pages of black and white photographs.
$50The Kentucky Rifle: A True American Heritage in Picture - SOLD!
produced by the Kentucky Rifle Association, 1967
Condition: Very Good
109 pages of rare photographs of these decorative and outstanding rifles, (which actually originated in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in the early Eighteenth Century).  One rifle featured per page, with one image of the entire gun, plus close-ups of both sides of the stock.  Four page introduction/history of the Kentucky rifle.
$45Little Wars
by H.G. Wells
Macmillan, 1973. Hardcover.
Condition: Very Good
The "foundation stone" of war games, this fascimile of the 1913 edition lays out the simple rules of playing with tiny lead soldiers, enhanced by Wells' fertile imagination and pacifist tendencies.  Includes a foreword by Isaac Asimov.  111 clean pages in protected dustjacket.  Bookplate pasted on FFEP is the only blemish.
$100Ten Little Colored Boys - SOLD!
Pictures by Emery I. Gondor
Howell, Soskin Publishers, New York 1942
Condition: Very Good
Extraordinarily scarce 1942 edition of this classic (?) children's tale about ten little boys who meet their demise one at a time in various creative ways.  Who knew chicken stew could be so dangerous?  A perfect holiday gift for your politically incorrect relations!
signed by Andy Warhol
Harper and Row, paperback.
Condition: Good
A collection of Warhol's photographs of the famous, the mundane, and the weird.  Corners slightly bumped, and the plastic coating on the cover has wrinkled.  224 pages, 8-1/2" x 11".  Signed in marker on front cover by Warhol.  Also inscribed opposite the contents: Christmas '85  For my beautiful friend Richard--Love, Nick.  Otherwise, clean and crisp throughout.
$90Mom at War: A Story of Courage and Love Born of Loss
Todd Parnell
PFLP Publishing, 2005. Hardcover.
Condition: Fine
Culled from letters, diaries, and other artifacts, Parnell tells the story of his mother's career in northern Eurpoe during World War II, through her eventual decline into dementia.  Originally published as a fundraiser for the Southwest Missouri Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. Inscribed by author: "Vicky - Hope you enjoy my Mother's story - Thanks for your friendship-Todd Parnell 11/5/05."
$50Webster - Unabridged
H.T. Webster
Robert McBride & Co., 1945.  Hardcover first edition with dust jacket.
Condition: Very Good
Scarce collection of pen and ink drawings from "The Mark Twain of cartoonists," including the popular "How to Torture Your Husband" and "How to Torture Your Wife" series along with many WWII topics.  128 pages with introduction by Frank Sullivan..
$85Eagles, Bulldogs & Tigers: History of the 22nd Bomb Squadron in China-Burma-India - SOLD!
David Hayward, editor-in-chief
22nd Bomb Squadron Association, 1997.  First printing.
Condition: Fine
A composite of the squadron's recorded history, along with personal anecdotes told by the members themselves, spanning its earliest days in World War I through the Burma offensive in 1944.  294 very crisp pages; appears to have never been read.  Hardcover without dust jacket.
$45German-American Pioneers in Wisconsin & Michigan
The Frank-Kerler letters
Milwaukee County Historical Society, 1971.  Hardcover with dust jacket.
Condition: Fine
Originally collected and published by Dr. Louis F. Frank.  Translated from the German by Margaret Wolff.  Edited with an introduction and notes by Harry H. Anderson.  600 pages.  Inscribed by Fred Ott.
$45My Neddy
Albert Kaye
C. W. Faulkner & Co. Ltd., London.
Condition: Very Good
Stiff, 12-page paperback recounting the rhyming adventures of two children with their donkey.  Fold-out image of Neddy on the inside front cover. Some minor soiling to front cover.  7" x 9-1/4".
$30Stories and Recipes of the Great Depression of the 1930's
Rita Van Amber 
Van Amber Publishers, 1992. First Edition--signed by author.
Condition: Very Good
Twenty-first printing of this spiral-bound collection of recipes dedicated "to all the mothers who so valiantly struggled through the Great Depression in their kitchens to keep body and soul of their families together."  Includes More From Your Kitchen Today by Janet Van Amber Paske, along with stories and anecdotes from Depression-era Wisconsinites.
$300The Boy Scouts' Year Book
Edited by Walter P. McGuire & Franklin K. Mathiews
D. Appleton & Co, 1916.  Hardcover.
Condition: Very Good
Inscribed in front: "This Copy of THE BOY SCOUTS' YEAR BOOK Belongs to Henry Ringling, Jr. from his Father Sept 13, 1917."  259 pages. 8" x 10". Excellent condition.
$25I Can See Clearly Now: Ryne Duren Talks from the Heart About Life, Baseball, and Alcohol
Ryne Duren (with Tom Sabellico)
Aventine Press, 2003.  
Condition:As New
Major-league All-Star pitcher and Cazenovia, Wisconsin native Duren terrorized batters with his erratic 100 mph fastball, but it's his inner demons of alcoholism and attempted suicide that he addresses in this book.  Inscribed by author on title page on June 9, 2007.  Foreward by Jim "Mudcat" Grant.  255 pages, softcover.

$45 Swords of the Soudan
Georges Surdez
L. Harper Allen, 1928(?).  Hardcover.
Sign up for adventure in the French Foreign Legion with the inventor of Russian Roulette!  Half of the spine is missing, and there are various nicks to the cover.  Title page is mis-printed and missing a corner, but the rest of the text is nice and clean, with no writing or highlighting.
$30Historic Diamonds
Loftis Bros. & Company, Chicago, 1930.  Paperback.
Condition: Very Good
Brief sketches of the romance and tragedy of the world's great diamonds! Profiles diamonds of South Africa, South America, and The Orient, including the Cullinan, the Gros Mazarin, and the Braganza.  44 pages plus index.  4-1/2' x 6-3/8".  Remnants of bookplate on inside front cover.
$45 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Anita Loos
Grosset & Dunlap, 1926.  Seventeenth Printing.  Hardcover.
Condition: Fine in Good dust jacket
Photoplay edition with images from the Paramount film starring Ruth Taylor and Alice White and also "intimately illustrated" by Ralph Brown.  217 pages.  Slightly chipped dust jacket in clear protective sleeve.
$25The Tale of Brownie Lightfoot
Simplex Shoe Manufacturing Co., Milwaukee 1924.
Condition:Very Good.
Petite 24-page story of  the greedy cobbler who, despite his animosity towards brownies, learns the craft of making fairy slippers from a leprecaune (sic) and eventually passes his craft down to the good folks at Simplex Shoes, who make Simplex Flexies "so pretty and smooth and soft" that kids never grow tired in them!  Terrific illustrations!
$70Sylvicola: or, Songs from the Backwoods
Rev. William Haughton
Published by the Vernon County Censor ("Book, Job and Letter Press Printing Establishment") of Viroqua, Wisconsin, 1878.
Condition: Very Good
You'll find a collection of "Idylls and Fantasies from the heart of Canadian backwoods and the wilds of Wisconsin" in this extremely rare hardcover first edition.  Plus, gilt edges!!
$30Rainbowfishes In Nature and in the Aquarium
Dr. Gerald R. Allen
Tetra Verlag 1995.  Hardcover.
Condition: Fine
An authoritarian volume on the latest sensation in the aquarium hobby, including accounts of over 70 species with brilliant color illustrations, distribution maps, and personal anecdotes from Dr. Allen's fieldwork in the "realm of the rainbow."
$100Company Coming
Ruth Stout
Exposition Press, 1958.  First Edition.  Hardcover.
Condition: Very Good
"Six decades of Hospitality, Do-It-Yourself and Otherwise" by Rex Stout's older sister.  From the collection of St. Camillus Novitiate at Durward's Glen and inscribed by the author: "June 27-1958  For Rev. Anton M. Jaschke Wit Herzliechen Grussen. (signed) Ruth Stout." 155 pages.
$60The Complete Book of Violets
Nelson Coon with Georgianne Giffen
A. S. Barnes 1977.  Hardcover.
Condition: Very Good
A compendious resume of not only the cultural methods of violet-growing, but also their uses for food and medicine.  Signed by the author and also includes a very lovely letter from the author to Lynn Needham of Evanston, IL.  147 pages with very good dust jacket in protective cover.
$50The Fountain
Charles Morgan
Alfred A. Knopf. 1932.
Condition: Very Good
This 1932 first edition of the best-selling novel that made Morgan's career is "written as beautifully as it is possible for a book to be," according to reviewer John Bayley.  But really, who cares about that?  It's inscribed on the front endpapers by Wisconsin theatre heartthrob Joan Fontanne to her friend Keith McCutcheon.  What a lucky guy!!
$40Tīfaifai and Quilts of Polynesia
Joyce D. Hammond
University of Hawaii Press, 1986.  
Condition: Fine
"Tīfaiai" refers to Polynesian applique and piecework fabrics.  Spanning the Hawaiin, Cook, Austral, and Society Islands, this softcover volume describes not only the art itself, but also the artisans and their techniques.  116 pages with bibliography and index .  Prolifically illustrated with color and black and white photographs.
$40The Nuptial Flight
Edgar Lee Masters
Boni and Liveright, 1923.  
Condition: Good
The Creightons and the Houghtons set off for the Promised Land of Whitehall, Illinois from opposite sides of Louisville in 1849.  Will young Nancy fall for the strapping William?  Will The Kentucky Inn succeed in such a wild land?  Is this the end of Riders in the Sky?  Inscribed by author in pencil on Dec. 1, 1923 to Mrs. George Rach.
$75The Complete Frank Miller Batman
Longmeadow Press 1989.  Second printing.  Faux leather hardcover.
Condition: As New
Features three installments of the classic graphic novels: Batman: Year One; Wanted: Santa Claus Dead or Alive; and The Dark Knight Returns.  Also includes an introduction by Richard Bruning, essay by Alan Moore, and noter by Freank Miller.  Faux leather cover, silver gilding on pages.  It doesn't appear that this copy has even ever been opened!
$100Alai! Alai!
Willi Rickmer Rickmers
F.U. Brodhaus. 1930.  Hardcover.
Condition: Very Good
An account of the 1928 German-Russian Alai-Pamir expedition to Kyrgystan and Takikistan.  300 pages. In German, and includes maps and photograph of author.  Signed by the author!
$35Petit Larousse Illustre
published under the direction of Claude Auge
Librairie Larousse, Paris, 1907.  
Condition: Good
1664-page French encyclopedia with 5,800 illustrations, 130 tables, and 120 maps.  24th Edition.  Leather covers and binding are chipped and worn from extensive use, but internally this volume is in good condition. 
$120Bright With Silver
Kathrene Pinkerton
William Sloan & Associates 1947.  First edition.
Condition: Very Good
An early account of efforts to breed the silver fox by the Fromm family, which incidentally made them the largest suppliers of ginsing in the world.
Note: The volume we currently have in stock does NOT have a dust jacket.  We were just too lazy to take another photo! 
$35Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved
Compiled by Rev. S. B. Shaw
Shaw Publishing Company, Berwyn, IL  Hardcover.
Condition: Good
"Gathered from authentic sources"!
$17.50Frances Willard
Ruth Bordin
University of North Carolina Press, 1986.  Hardcover with dust jacket.
Condition: Like New
Frances Willard (1839-1898) was not only the "president and piston" of the Women's Christian Temperance Union, she was also the first Dean of Women at Northwestern University.  A residence hall on campus shares her name, and students there celebrate her birthday every year with a multi-floor themed drinking party.
$65Prairie Farmer's Home and County Directory of Dane County Wisconsin - SOLD!
Published by The Prairie Farmer Publishing Co., 1928.  
Condition: Good
Calling at every farm home of five acres or more, the publishers list the names of the entire family, size and name of farm, length of tenancy, etc. for every Dane County farmer from Gilbert W. Aabele to Orva O. Zwickey.  351 pages and includes "Hallowe'en Party Suggestions" and "Lazy Farmer's Chicken Thief Trial."  Very scarce!
$35Terry Nation's DALEK Annual 1977 - SOLD!
Published by World Distributors Limited.
Condition: Good
Perhaps more famous as Dr. Who on the BBC series of the same name, here Terry Nation presents 78 colorfully-illustrated pages, including "The Dark Side of Skaro," "The Menace of Monstrons," and "Anti-Dalek Force Aptitude Tests."
$25Why Men Rebel
Ted Robert Gurr
Princeton University Press, 1974.  Fourth printing. Softcover.
Condition: Very Good
Winner of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation Award for 1970!
What else can we say?  Grrrrrrrr indeed!
$50The New Military Humanism:  Lessons from Kosovo
Noam Chomsky
Common Courage Press, 1999.  Hardcover.
Condition: Like New
No dust jacket, but otherwise as new.  199 pages.
$15Little Black Sambo
Helen Bannerman
Applewod Books.
Condition: Like New
Reprint of 1921 edition, this small volume (approxinately 4" wide by 5.5" tall) includes 27 colorful illustrations in a petite 62 pages.
$60Highways and Byways in Fairyland - SOLD!
Arthur Ransome
Pinafore Library published by Alston Rivers, Ltd (London), 1906.  
Condition: Acceptable
Extremely rare copy of this whimsical geographic guide to land between the Hills of Longing and the Wishing Ocean by the acclaimed Swallows & Amazons author.  Cover is chipped and binding slightly loose;  a somewhat fragile book.  3-5/8" x 4-3/4", 126 pages.
$50The Red Army Order of Battle in the Great Patriotic War - SOLD!
Robert G. Poirier  &  Albert Z. Conner
Presidio Press; 1985. Hardcover with dust jacket.  
Condition: Fine
"Invaluable source material for historians and students," this 408-page volume provides a comprehensive compilation of the Soviet military world during the Great Patriotic Fatherland War (aka WW2).  The order of battle, arranged in army, corps, and division sections, features records, banners, certificates, code-number designations, honors, honorifics, and awards.

$65Gunfight at Ingalls: Death of an Outlaw Town
Glenn Shirley
Barbed Wire Press, Stillwater; 1990.  Signed by the author.  
Condition: Fine
Site of the deadliest battle between organized banditry and deputy U.S. marshalls, the Oklahoma Territory town of Ingalls found itself forever branded as an outlaw haven.  Inscribed on front endpaper: "To Susan Tischaefer--good luck + best wishes--Glenn Shirley 1990--Happy Reading!"
$50Peggy & Paul & Laddy
Mary Jane Carr
Thomas Crowell; 1936.  
Condition: Very Good
What good times and glorious adventures Peggy and Paul have, with Laddy, their wire-hair fox terrier, beside the Willamette River.  Cliffs!  Steamships!  Mysterious Russian women!  208 pages, with 29 illustrations by Kathleen Voute.
$35The Vicksburg Campaign
William Freeman Vilas
Wisconsin History Commission; 1908.  
Condition: Fair
Transcript of a paper read before the Madison Literary Club on October 14, 1907 by William Vilas, Lt. Col. of the 23rd Wisconsin Volunteers Infantry.  104 pages.  Some damage to binding, but otherwise clean throughout.  Ex-library, with stamps from the Wisconsin Historical Library.
$45The Last Whole Earth Catalog
Nowells Publications; 1971.  
Condition: Good
Composed with an IBM Selectric and Polaroid MP-3, this was the last of the mammoth do-it-yourself, back-to-the-land, counterculture epics from our friends at The Whole Earth Truck Store and Portola Institute [at least until The (Updated) Last Whole Earth Catalog a few years later].  We've also got The Millenium Whole Earth Catalog ($25) for you young 'uns!
$95Burn, Judy, Burn
Bette Nunn
privately printed, April 1981.
Condition: Very Good
The chilling account of the murder of Tery Lee Chasteen and her children by Steven Judy in Morgan County, Indiana 1979, including Judy's early childhood, release from custody, trial, and execution.  Signed by author and inscribed on inside front cover "To Brenda with best wishes."
$95Wagons, Mules and Men:  How the Frontier Moved West
Nick Eggenhofer
Hastings House Publishers, New York; 1961.
Condition: Very Good
An exciting, colorful account of America's western expansion, with an emphasis on the vehicles and animals used by the pioneers.  184 pages, with copious illustrations by the author, who spent over half a lifetime  researching the overland journey in the era B.M.C. (Before Motor Cars).
$150The Life and Miracles of St. Nicholas, the Wonderworker
2002 reprint of 1899 edition.
Condition:  Good
We think this is in Russian, but this biography of the patron saint of sailors, merchants, archers, repentant thieves, prostitutes, brewers, children, pawnbrokers, and unmarried people (which pretty much covers the entire Booksmith staff) might be in Ukranian.  The front hinge is weak, but otherwise the volume is in nice condition, with no writing, highlighting, or other defacements.
$2575 Jahre Konigin-Charlotte-Gymnasium

edited by Dr. Siegfried Frey
Herstellung und Druck; 1989.
Condition: Near Fine
A commemmorative look back at the first 75 years of this renowned German school, with many photographs and art by students.  Includes a short section in English reporting on an exchange program with American students circa 1985.  Note: Pages 49 - 60 are printed upside down and backwards, which only adds to this volume's quirky charm.
We also have an extensive selection of Modern First Editions (hardcover unless noted):
Alice Adams, Return Trips (Knopf, 1985) - $24.50
Kingsley Amis, On Drink (HBJ, 1973) - $35
Margaret Atwood, Bluebeard's Egg (Jonathan Cape, UK edition1987) - $19.50
Margaret Atwood, Bluebeard's Egg (Houghton Mifflin, US edition1986) - $25
Margaret Atwood, Bodily Harm (Simon & Schuster1982) - $20
Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin (Anchor, 2001) - $25 paperback--signed by author!
Margaret Atwood, Payback (Anasi, 2008) - $25 paperback--signed by author!
Nicholson Baker, Vox (Random House, 1992) - $25
James Baldwin, Tell me how long the train's been gone (Dial, 1968) - $85
Donald Barthelme, Forty Stories (Putnam, 1987) - $25
Ann Beattie, My Life, Starring Dara Falcon (Knopf, 1987) - $15
Saul Bellow, More Die of Heartbreak (William Morrow, 1987) - $12.95
Thomas Berger, Killing Time (Dial, 1967) - $24.50
Charles Bragg, Asylum Earth (Journey, 1994) - $40
Vicki Baum, Grand Hotel (Doubleday Doran, 1931) - $39.50 no dust jacket -- signed by author!
Ray Bradbury, et. al., Mars and the Mind of Man (Harper & Row, 1973) - $45 -- signed by Bradbury!
Richard Brautigan, Loading Mercury with a Pitchfork (Simon & Schuster, 1976) - $25
Richard Brautigan, Willard and His Bowling Trophies (Simon & Schuster, 1975) - $15
Anthony Burgess, Beard's Roman Women (McGraw-Hill, 1976) - $30
Harold Brodkey, Stories in an Almost Classical Mode (Knopf, 1988) - $15
Sam Campbell, Too Much Salt and Pepper (Bobbs-Merrill, 1944) - $45 --signed by author!
Philip Caputo, DelCorso's Gallery (Holt, Rinehart, & Winston, 1983) - $9.95
Hayden Carruth, The Bloomingdale Papers (Georgia, 1975) - $160
Angela Carter, Several Perceptions (Simon & Schuster, 1968) - $35
Egerton Castle, Marshfield the Observer & The Death-Dance (Herbert Stone, 1900) - $40 --no dust jacket.
George Agnew Chamberlain, River to the Sea (Brewer & Warren, 1930) - $50 --no dust jacket.
Barbara Chase-Riboud, Portrait of a Nude Woman as Cleopatra (William Morrow, 1987) - $25
John Cheever, Bullet Park (Knopf, 1969) - $25
John Cheever, The Stories of John Cheever (Knopf, 1978) - $70
Patricia Daniels Cornwell, Postmortem (Scribner, 1990) - $35
Noel Coward, Hay Fever (Harper, 1925) - $35
Harry Crews, Body (Poseidon, 1990) - $15
Tony Curtis, This Far North (Dedalus, 1994) - $25 --signed by author!
James P. Roberts, editor, Return to Derleth, Selected Essays (White Hawk Press, 1993) - $20
Peter DeVries, Reuben, Reuben (Little, Brown, 1964) - $30
Adam Diment, The Dolly, Dolly Spy (Dutton, 1967) - $18.50
Isak Dinesen, Last Tales (Random House, 1957) - $45
Jim Dodge, Fup (Simon & Schuster, 1984) - $15
Harriet Doerr, Consider This, Senora (Harcourt, 1993) - $12.95
Michael Dorris, A Yellow Raft in Blue Water (Holt, 1987) - $35 --advance reading copy
K.R. Dwyer (a.k.a. Dean Koontz), Dragonfly (Random House, 1975) - $40
Allan W. Eckert, The Dark Green Tunnel (Little, Brown, 1984) - $100
Allan W. Eckert, Incident at Hawk's Hill (Little, Brown, 1971) - $40
Louise Erdrich, The Beet Queen (Holt, 1986) - $35
Walter Farley, The Island Stallion (Random House, 1948) - $40
Lawrence Ferlinghetti, A Coney Island of the Mind (New Directions, 1958) - $7.50 --paperback
E. M. Forster, The Celestial Omnibus (Sidgwick & Jackson, 1911) - $90
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