Partial Inventory of Rare Books at The Village Booksmith - February 2019
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Title Author Publisher Year  Price  Location Notes
Women, Past and Present Wade Tegg 1865  $   60.00 1E broken binding
Natural and Experimental Philosophy Richard Green Parker Barnes 1852  $   49.50 1E broken binding
Frank's Search for Sea Shells H.F.Parker American Tract Society 1866  $ 300.00 1E
The First Principles of Chemistry Nicholson Robinson 1796  $ 325.00 1E 3rd edition
A Dissertation on the Use of Sea-Water In the Diseases of the Glands Russel 1752  $ 400.00 1E
Aus Natur und Wissenchaft Buchner Thomas 1869  $   40.00 1E in German
The Green Book Culverwell 1841  $ 100.00 1E 11th ed.; treatment of venereal disease
French Grammar Bernard Cushing 1837  $   80.00 1E 2nd ed.
Lives of Charles Lee and Joseph Reed Sparks Little & Brown 1848  $   25.00 1E vol. 8 of the Library of American Biography
The New American Speaker Zachos Rollo 1859  $   15.00 1E loose cover & pages
King James Bible Cowan 1854  $   60.00 1E missing clasp
Everybody's Guide or Things Worth Knowing Moore The World 1884  $   20.00 1E loose binding
The United States with an Excursion into Mexico Baedeker Baedeker 1899  $   75.00 1E travel guide w/ cool maps;  leather cover.
Goethe's West-Easterly Divan Weiss Roberts Bro. 1877  $   75.00 1E poetry
Homeri Ilias Clarke 1802  $ 125.00 1E vol.2 only; in Greek; broken cover
Lameness in the Horse Percivall Longman 1849  $ 135.00 1E 2-vol. set
Life and Times of Aodh O'Neill Mitchel Haverti 1868  $ 100.00 1E
The Life of Major General Zachary Taylor Montgomery Derby, Miller, & Co. 1850  $   45.00 1E loose front cover 
Beneath the Moors Lumley Arkham 1974  $   25.00 1E
The Horror at Oakdeene & Others Lumley Arkham 1977  $   60.00 1E
The Caller of the Black Lumley Arkham 1971  $   65.00 1E
The Wind From a Burning Woman Bear Arkham 1983  $   25.00 1E first edition
Green Tea and Other Ghost Stories Fanu Arkham 1945  $ 175.00 1E
Skull-Face and Others Howard Neville Spearman 1974  $   45.00 1E reprint of Arkham House edition.  a.k.a. Skull-Face Omnibus.
Prison of Ice Axton Lippincott 1976  $ 130.00 1E Dean Koontz psuedonym.  First Ed.
Our Artist in Peru Carleton Carleton 1866  $   49.50 1E ex-lib.;.  Hinge repair.
History of the Expedition Under the Command of Captains Lewis and Clark New Amsterdam 1902  $ 200.00 1E 3 vols.; reprint of the 1814 edition.
The Bishop's Crime Bailey Stamford House 1946  $   12.00 1E PB; A Pony Book.
The Shadow Detective Old Sleuth Westbrock ?  $   25.00 1E PB.
Tigrero Siemel Ace 1953  $   30.00 1E PB
Tough Guy (Long Haul) Bezzerides Lion 1953  $   30.00 1E PB
Asylum Seabrook Bantam 1947  $   70.00 1E PB; "An alcoholic takes the cure."
Truckin' With Furney Catch Marcus Ice Cream Spaniard  1970  $   30.00 1E PB
The Co-Eds Savage Lighthouse 1965  $   20.00 1E PB; "Cram session!"
The Reader is Warned Dickson Pocket 1945  $   15.00 1E PB
Venus on the Half-Shell Trout Dell 1974  $   25.00 1E PB; 1st printing.
A Darkness in my Soul Koontz Daw 1972  $   15.00 1E PB; 1st edition.
Morlock Night Jeter Daw 1979  $   25.00 1E PB; 1st printing.
Queen of Blood Nuetzel Greenleaf 1966  $   75.00 1E PB; "Vampire lover of all men!"
An American Bible Hubbard Roycrofters 1911  $   40.00 1E 1st printing;  sepia on linen.
The Anglican Breviary Lakeside / Donnelly 1998  $   90.00 1E reprint of 1955 Divine Office of the Western Church.
The Modern New Testament From the Aramaic Lamsa DeVorss 1998  $   60.00 1E PB
The Deserted Village Goldsmith Porter & Coates 1885?  $   20.00 1E tooled leather or snakeskin cover.
The Literary Reader Cathcart, ed. Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor, & Co. 1880  $   15.00 1E
Days of Power in the Forest Temple Hughes John Bent & Co. 1873  $   60.00 1W "A review of the wonderful work of God at 14 national camp-meetings, from 1867-1872."
History of the Progress and Suppression of the Reformation in Spain in the Sixteenth Century McCrie Presbyterian Board 1842  $   49.50 1W some foxing to pages.
History of the Kentucky Derby O'Connor 1921  $   75.00 1W
Poems of Cheer Wilcox Gay & Hancock Ltd. 1910  $   25.00 1W embossed leather cover, missing spine
Poems of Passion Wilcox Gay & Bird 1905  $   18.00 1W back cover detached, missing spine
The Spell of Egypt Hichens Bernhard Tauchnitz ?  $   15.00 1W front cover almost detached
Ritual for Local Camps Royal Neghbors of America Royal Neighbors of America 1951  $   19.50 1W
Character, Juvenile, and Other Poems Pollard M.A. Donohue & Co. 1902  $   25.00 1W embossed cover
How Women Should Ride De Hurst Harper & Brothers 1892  $   90.00 1W broken binding
Die Schweiz Baedeker Baedeker 1905  $   30.00 1W In German; 31st ed.; embossed cover; spine close to breaking; contains map; postcard between pages
Switzerland Baedeker Baedeker 1938  $   40.00 1W 28th ed.; embossed cover; contains map (falling out)
The Popes of Rome Long The Menace Publishing Company 1914  $   30.00 1W PB; 2nd ed.; "The World's Greatest Publisher of Anti-Papal Literature"
Sun Hunting Roberts The Bobbs-Merrill Company Publishers 1922  $   50.00 1W
Valentino As I Knew Him Ullman Macy-Masius 1926  $   50.00 1W 1st ed.
Wisconsin Thwaites Houghton Mifflin 1908  $   75.00 1W embossed cover
A Star for a Night Janis William Rickey & Company 1911  $   30.00 1W embossed cover; cover has a (ripped) cameo photo glued on the front
The Irish Wolfdog Hogan and Graham Cahill & Co. 1972  $   75.00 1W
Chants from Shangri-La Still, ed. 1939  $   30.00 1W contains a handwritten Christmas card from the editor
Cassell Prairie: A Wisconsin Neighborhood Babington Democrat Printing Company 1950  $   65.00 1W signed; contains card advertising the publication of the book
India in World Politics Das B.W. Huebsch, Inc. 1923  $   85.00 1W contains letter from the author (and a tiny envelope!)
The Nuptial Flight Masters Boni & Liveright 1923  $   40.00 1W inscribed by author
Modern Technique for Beauty Culturists McGrath B-M-H Publishing Conpany not Inc. 1929  $   15.00 1W signed by author
A Boston Boy: The first martyr to American liberty Baensch George Banta Publishing Co. 1924  $   90.00 1W Bookplate inside front cover says "Books are each a world"
The Daily News Almanac and Political Register for 1898 Plumbe, compiler The Chicago Daily News Co. 1898  $   50.00 1W PB; some cover damage
Rip: A game protector Meek Alfred A. Knopf 1952  $   35.00 1W Illustration of a dog on cover
Tom Swift and his Ocean Airport Appleton Grosset & Dunlap 1934  $ 100.00 1W
Secrets of the Great Whiskey Ring McDonald Belford, Clarke & Co. 1880  $   35.00 1W
A Mortal Antipathy Holmes Houghton Mifflin & Co. 1885  $   25.00 1W Embossed picture of a winged urn with spectacles (?) on front cover
History of the Conquest of Mexico Prescott McKay 1843  $   75.00 1W 3 volume set; embossed leather spines; vol. 1 front and back covers detached
The Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft Gissing Archibald Constable & Co. Ltd. 1904  $   25.00 1W embossed leather cover
Sanz del Rio de Azcarate Editorial Tecnos 1969  $   30.00 1W embossed leather spine
Tall Base-ball Stories Little/Amarant Association Press 1948  $ 125.00 1W hardcover with dustjacket
Nahkom: The Woman of Waupaca Rosholt Rosholt House 1974  $   25.00 1W PB; signed by author
Revolution for the Hell of It Free Pocket Books 1970  $   15.00 1W PB; originally published by The Dial Press, Inc.
Victory over Myself Patterson Scholastic Book Services 1963  $    9.00 1W PB; first edition
Fleetwood Mac: The Authorized History Graham Warner Books 1978  $   15.00 1W PB
For Bond Lovers Only Lane Dell 1965  $   15.00 1W PB
The Dam Busters Brickhill Ballantine Books 1962  $    4.95 1W PB; fourth printing
Do It! Scenarios of the Revolution Rubin Ballantine Books 1970  $   12.95 1W PB; "Read this book stoned!"
Guerrilla Warfare Guevara Vintage Books/Random House 1968  $   15.00 1W PB
English Grammar in Familiar Lectures Kirkham Alling, Seymour, & Co. 1846  ??  1W Includes a foldout compendium of English grammar rules
Old Kaskaskia Catherwood Houghton, Mifflin & Co. 1894  $   45.00 1W hardcover with disintegrating dustjacket
My Summer in a Garden Warner James R. Osgood & Co. 1871  $   45.00 1W
The Fairyland of Science Buckley Henry Altemus 1899  30 or 20  1W Embossed flowers on cover
The Trees, Fruits, and Flowers of the Bible Cook The American Tract Society 1846  $   45.00 1W
Mamma's Stories about Domestic Pets Cupples T. Nelson & Sons 1879  $   20.00 1W cool embossed cover
The Practice of Religion Knowles Edwin S. Gorham, Inc. 1930  $   25.00 1W embossed cross on cover
Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There Carroll The Mershon Company ?  $   40.00 1W illustration on cover
Young Prince Gonzaga Ernest / Etienne The Josephite Press 1944  $   45.00 2W published by Brothers of Holy Cross, Watertown
Randolph the Bear Who Said No Nelson Wonder Books 1946  $   35.00 2W picture book; Wonder Books--with the WASHABLE COVERS
The Children's Book Lawrence Whitman Publishing Company 1930  $   50.00 2W picture book; some pages falling out; cover damage
Struwwelpeter Hoffmann George Routledge & Sons, Limited ?  $   50.00 2W picture book; cover damage; creepy picture of a kid on cover
Palmyra Piso William and Robert Chambers 1839  $   35.00 2W spine broken
America Blake ? ?  $   45.00 2W Monochrome reproduction of original 1793 work
Pharaohs, Fellahs and Explorers Edwards Harper & Brothers 1891  $   35.00 2W first few pages falling out; gold embossing on cover
Tifaifai and Quilts of Polynesia Hammond University of Hawaii Press 1986  $   40.00 2W PB; includes several pages of color plates inside
The Boy Scouts Yearbook McGuire & Mathiews D. Appleton & Co. 1916  $ 300.00 2W Inscription: Belongs to Henry Ringling Jr. from his Father Sept 13 - 1917
Walk with Wick: The Tree Dog Encyclopedia Wick ? 1985  $ 200.00 2W Includes a signed letter from the author
The Vice-Admiralty Courts and the American Revolution Ubbelohde University of North Carolina Press 1960  $ 100.00 2W
Plowman's Folly and A Second Look Faulkner Island Press 1987  $ 250.00 2W
The Horse's Mind Rees Prentice Hall Press 1985  $   95.00 2W
Alai! Alai! Rickmers F.A. Brodhaus 1930  $ 100.00 2W signed by author; photograph of the author glued in front cover; in German
Ennin's Travels in T'ang China Reischauer Ronald Press Company 1955  $   75.00 2W missing DJ
Mineralogie und Geologie fur Schweizerische Mittelschulen Frey G. Freytag A.G. 1931  $   35.00 2W includes a plate of color photos; in German
English--White Hmong Dictionary McKibben ? 1993  $   25.00 Foreign Language PB; "This dictionary was produced using WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS and WordPerfect 5.2 for Windows and printed using a Hewlett Packard Laserjet 4M printer"
Lumberjack Meader Quinn & Boden Company, Inc. 1939  $   30.00 2W 4th printing
Scholar-Gipsies Buchan Ballantyne, Hanson, & Co. ?  $   35.00 1W second edition
Monuments in Cedar Keithahn Roy Anderson 1945  $   35.00 3W Signed by the author
Wisconsin in Story and Song Rounds & Hippensteel, ed. The Parker Educational Company 1916  $   50.00 1W
Badger's Beech Trevor Charter House Publishers Inc. 1978  $ 200.00 2W PB; cute animal illustrations
Badger's Wood Trevor Criterion Books 1959  $   25.00 2W no DJ
Woody Sez Guthrie Grosset & Dunlap 1975  $   25.00 Music PB; first edition
Can Small Business Survive? Proxmire Henry Regnery Company 1964  $   25.00 Current Politics
Gunfight at Ingalls Shirley Barbed Wire Press 1990  $   65.00 2W signed by author; first edition
Anecdotes of Scott Hogg Edinburgh University Press 1999  $   95.00 2W
Filly Kirby E.P. Dutton & Co. Inc. 1938  $   15.00 Poetry no DJ; interesting artwork of horse dressed as a girl on cover
Tales of the Thirty-Second Garlock Badger Publishing Company 1927  $   75.00 2W scarce; signed by author
The Time Tunnel Herman, pub. Hermes Press 2009  $ 150.00 2W P.B.; "Two scientists trapped in time!"; reprint of comics from 1966-67
Wagons, Mules, and Men Eggenhofer Hastings House Publishers 1961  $   95.00 2W Sepia toned old west scene on cover
One Horse, One Hundred Miles, One Day Savitt Dodd, Mead, & Company 1981  $   25.00 Horsey Literature picture of man on horseback on cover
Flashbacks Leary G.P. Putnam's Sons 1990  $   75.00 2W P.B.; signed by author
That Comic Primer Bellew G.W. Carleton & Co. 1877  $   60.00 1W Exceptionally rare, 1st ed.
Pennsylvania-German Dictionary Lambert Schiffer Limited 1977  $   30.00 2W P.B.; scarce
Autobiography and Reminiscences of Theophilus Noel Noel Theo. Noel Company Print 1904  $ 200.00 2W
Alaskan Tales Annabel A.S. Barnes and Company 1953  $ 250.00 3W Portrait of a hunter and three wolves on cover
Wisconsin Farmer Powers, Hoyt, & Hoyt, eds. Powers & Hoyt 1858  $ 150.00 2W
Dogs As I See Them Dawson Grosset & Dunlap 1937  $ 100.00 2W scarce; adorable sketch of sleeping dog on cover
Terry Nation's Dalek Annual 1977 Nation World Distributors (Manchester) Limited 1976  $   35.00 2W rare; includes letter from Simon Delaney; illustration of Daleks of cover
Crossing the Tracks of Columbus Seiler Mittler 1992  $   75.00 2W translated from German
The Yellow Submarine Gift Book ? World Distributors (Manchester) Limited 1968  $   45.00 2W illustration of the Beatles from Yellow Submarine movie on cover
Snetterton Falcons 96th Bomb Group Doherty & Ward Taylor Publishing Company 1989  $ 140.00 2W rare
Soils of Wisconsin Hole University of Wisconin Press 1976  $   75.00 2W
Tree Anatomy Shigo Sherwin/Dodge 1994  $ 120.00 2W signed by author; 1st ed.; photo of close up of part of tree on cover
Bloodstone Pass Niles & Dobson TSR Inc. 1985  $   75.00 2W "Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Battle System Fantasy Game Adventure"; includes booklets, die-cut counters, and 3-D "adventrue fold-up sheets"
The Rejuvenation of Mama and Papa Goose Pancoast Britton Publishing Company 1916  $   60.00 2W folded paper doily inside front cover
Hitch Wagons for City Driving & More Carriage Museum of America Carriage Museum of America 2002?  $   45.00 2W PB
Art Masterpieces of the 1933 World's Fair Exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago Bulliet The North-Mariano Press 1933  $   15.00 2W blue paint smudge on cover
The Wisconsin Sheriff and Deputy Wyrick, ed. The Wisconsin Sheriffs & Deputy Sheriffs Association 1964  $   15.00 2W Softcover quarterly journal; Picture on front of Sauk County Sheriff Mike Spencer
The Saturday Evening Post Hibbs, ed. The Curtis Publishing Company 1961  $   10.00 2W cover tearing off; includes article on Frank Lloyd Wright: " The triumphs and scandals of a genius"
France: Son Histoire Montorgueil A.Taffin-Lefort 1898?  $   95.00 2W in French; children's book with illustrations
The Tropic Lightning in Korea: 25th Infantry Division Pullen, Christensen & Totten, eds. Albert Love Enterprises 1954  $ 125.00 2W Picture of Korea with large lightning bolt on cover
Min-Ne-Wau-Kan Wilder, ed. The Senior Class of Baraboo High School 1931  $   35.00 2W
Min-Ne-Wau-Kan Dithmar, ed. The Senior Class of Baraboo High School 1932  $   35.00 2W
Minnewaukan Duncan, ed. Baraboo High School 1952  $   20.00 2W "H.I. Dale" in corner
Minnewaukan Duncan, ed. Baraboo High School 1952  $   20.00 2W "Annuals Room" in corner
Minnewaukan Duncan, ed. Baraboo High School 1952  $   20.00 2W nothing inscribed
Minnewaukan Baraboo High School 1953  $   25.00 2W
Minnewaukan Baraboo High School 1954  $   25.00 2W
Minnewaukan Baraboo High School 1955  $   25.00 2W
Minnewaukan Baraboo High School 1956  $   25.00 2W
Minnewaukan: Take a new look! Fiese & Kujawa, eds. Baraboo High School 1988  $   25.00 2W
Minnewaukan Becker & Hein, eds. Baraboo High School 1994  $   25.00 2W Photo of Devil's Lake on cover
Minnewaukan: Baraboo Senior High Kohlhoff, ed. Baraboo High School 1995  $   25.00 2W
Minnewaukan: 125th Anniversary Chickering (yearbook advisor) Baraboo High School 1997  $   25.00 2W
Minnewaukan: A year like no other Proctor, ed. Baraboo High School 1999  $   25.00 2W
Minnewaukan: Seize Life, Carpe Diem ? Baraboo High School 2008  $   25.00 2W shrinkwrapped
Minnewaukan: Color outside the lines Jensen & Defiel, eds. Baraboo High School 2010  $   25.00 2W
Minnewaukan: For your eyes only Strock, designer Baraboo High School 2015  $   25.00 2W
The Badger University of Wisconsin 1958  $   30.00 2W
The Badger University of Wisconsin 1961  $   30.00 2W
The Badger Thoma, ed. The Junior Class of the University of Wisconsin 1928  $   35.00 2W cool embossed badger on cover; pages are water damaged
The Badger Grube, ed. The Junior Class of the University of Wisconsin 1929  $   35.00 2W cool embossed cover, some water damage on pages
The Children's Book of Trees Knott Editorial Associates 1949  $   50.00 2W colorful illustrations on cover
The Children's Book of Roads Knott & Gagnier University Press of New Brunswick 1952  $    9.95 2W colorful illustrations on cover; binding broken
Nell Gwynne of Old Drury Downing Rand, McNally & Co. 1901  $   17.95 2W
Loneliness Carruth The Janus Press 1976  $ 225.00 2W signed; printed from original blocks; number 104 of 150 prints in this edition
The Hand Painted Chop Suey Coughlin (Roundy) Straus Printing Co. 1933  $   50.00 2W signed; some cover damage
Ten Days the Shook the World Reed Martin Lawrence Ltd. 1932  $   19.50 2W cover falling off
Wood's Natural History Wood Gilbert H. McKibbin 1899  $   20.00 2W
Little Brown Koko Hunt American Colortype Company 1940  $   25.00 3W
Little Brown Koko Has Fun Hunt American Colortype Company 1945  $   25.00 3W
Polished Ebony Cohen Dodd, Mead, & Company 1919  $   20.00 3W
The Story of Little Black Sambo Bannerman Applewood Books ?  $   15.00 3W Applewood Books reprint of 1921 edition
The Cocoa Dancer Rue Albert Whitman and Company 1945  $   48.50 3W
The Tale of Corally Crothers Gay Grosset & Dunlap 1932  $   25.00 3W
All Kinds of Kids Garman Thompson & Thomas 1907  $   50.00 3W Slim softcover picture book with moveable flaps to rearrange outfits on children around the world
Ten Little Colored Boys Gondor Howell, Soskin Publishers 1942  $ 100.00 3W Spiral bound; illustrations of "colored boys" heads that stick up above the book--one is removed as the pages turn.
American Prospects Sternfeld Chronicle Books 1994  $   45.00 3W PB; book of photography
Bagatelles Smith College Tomkins, McIndoe & Co. 1898  $   20.00 3W 1898 Yearbook, Smith College (Capon House)
An Uplands Reader II Meudt, ed. Uplands Writers, Inc. 1981  $   25.00 3W PB; signed, scarce
Wagons that Wear Swab Wagon Co. R.S. Peck & Co. ?  $   65.00 3W LJ Consignment; price written inside book says $45; catalog for Swab Wagon Co.
Horse-Drawn Carriages Brown, compiler ? 1961  $   25.00 3W "A selection of facsimile reproductions of horse drawn vehicles"
100 Horse Drawn Carriages Brown, compiler Quartilles International Limited 1973  $   20.00 3W
J.A. Lawton & Co., Coach Builders and Harness Makers J.A. Lawton & Co. Coach Builders and Harness Makers ? ?  $   50.00 3W PB catalogue
Revised Price List Applying to Catalogue No. 20 Kopf Mfg. Co. Inc. Kopf Mfg. Co. Inc. 1942  $   30.00 3W PB catalogue
Webster Unabridged Webster American Book - Stratford Press, Inc. 1945  $   50.00 3W book of comics
Grouse of the North Shore Gullion Willow Creek Press 1984  $   90.00 3W signed by author and photographer; photo of grouse on cover
Mom at War Parnell PFLP Publishing, LLC 2005  $   90.00 3W signed by author; sketch of woman from 1945 on cover
Rainbowfishes of Australia and Papua New Guinea Allen & Cross T.F.H. Publications, Inc. 1982  $   30.00 3W color photo of fish on cover
Woodstock Handmade Houses Haney & Ballantine Random House 1976  $   50.00 3W PB; 3rd printing
Rainbowfishes in Nature and in the Aquarium Allen Tetra-Verlag 1995  $   30.00 3W scarce; color photos of fish on cover
Cub Scout Fun Book Kenower Boy Scouts of America 1956  $    6.50 3W illustration of boy doing craft project on cover
Eagles, Bulldogs & Tigers Hayward, ed. 22nd Bomb Squadron Association 1997  $   85.00 3W
Better Golf Without Practice Morrison Simon & Schuster 1940  $ 200.00 3W
The World Crisis: 1911-1918 Churchill Macmillan & Co. 1942  ?  3W signed
Memoirs of a Tattooist Burchett & Leighton Oldbourne Book Company Ltd 1958  $ 300.00 3W 1st English edition
Subterfuge Fontaine A.B. Fontaine 1934  $   35.00 3W
Life of Abraham Lincoln Howells Abraham Lincoln Association 1938  $ 100.00 3W
The Kentucky Lincolns on Mill Creek McMurtry Department of Lincolniana Lincoln Memorial University 1939  $   60.00 3W signed by author; "This book is limited to 250 copies of which this is number 17"
"Call Me Sam" A biography of Samuel Nelson Pickard Pickard (Dorothea Wilgus) Wisconsin House Ltd. 1972  $   35.00 3W 1st ed.; includes note/ephemera from author/wife of biography subject
The Rise of the Meritocracy 1870-2033 The new elite of our social revolution Young Random House 1959  $   45.00 3W
Thursday's Child Kitt Duell, Sloan & Pearce 1956  $   40.00 3W 1st ed.; photo of Eartha Kitt on cover
Trouble on the Trace Person Ariel Books 1954  $   30.00 3W illustration of people on horseback and a fox on cover
Silver Saga Smith Pruett Publishing Company 1974  $   95.00 3W 1st ed.; scarce HC
When a Woman Wills: A narrative history of Ripon, Wisconsin women Thomann Ripon Community Printers 1981  $   35.00 3W signed; rare; sketch of embroidery, books, and a candle on cover
A "Compendium"* of Muskie Angling History Ramsell Echo Printing 1982?  $ 110.00 3W illustration of muskie on cover; "*A compendium gathers together and presents in concise or in outline form all the essential facts and details of a subject."
I Can See Clearly Now: Ryne Duren talks from the heart about life, baseball, and alcohol Duren & Sabellico Aventine Press, LLC 2003  $   25.00 3W PB; inscribed/signed by author
Mary and I: Forty years with the Sioux Riggs W.G. Holmes 1880  $   60.00 3W
Sawdust in his Shoes McGraw Coward-McCann, Inc. 1950  $ 350.00 3W tenth impression; illustration of man upside down on one hand on circus horse on dust jacket
Sawdust in his Shoes McGraw Coward-McCann, Inc. 1950  $ 300.00 3W eighth impression; ex-lib; no DJ
Company Coming: Six decades of hospitality, do-it-yourself and otherwise Stout Exposition Press 1958  $ 100.00 3W 1st ed.; signed by author
Prostitution in Europe Flexner The Century Co. 1914  $   75.00 3W contains letter from Zona Gale
Fighting the Traffic in Young Girls: Or war on the white slave trade: The greatest crime in the world's history Bell G.S. Ball 1910  $   40.00 3W "Thirty-two pages of striking pictures showing the workings of the blackest slavery that has ever stained the human race"
Queer People Graham Grosset & Dunlap 1931  $   75.00 1W eleventh printing
The Complete Book of Violets Coon A.S. Barnes and Co., Inc. 1977  $   60.00 3W signed, with letter from author laid in; illustration of yellow violets on cover
University Directory Foss, pub. University of Wisconsin 1939  $   14.00 3W PB; cover damage; "Buy your books from Jerry" on spine
Automobile Routes of Wisconsin, N.E. Illinois and Eastern Minnesota King's Official Route Guide Fred Klein Co. 1917?  $   40.00 3W includes fold-out map of the area
Ship Building and Boat Building in Sturgeion Bay, Wisconsin from the Beginning to 1985 Christianson Carl Raymond Christianson 1989  $   29.50 3W PB
Indian Creek Massacre and Captivity of Hall Girls: Black Hawk War, 1832 Scanlan Reic Publishing Company  $   85.00 3W second edition
Oshkosh The Brave: Chief of the Wisconsin Menominees, and his family Nichols (Lookaround) Castle-Pierce Company 1954  $   95.00 3W 1st edition, signed
Stable Secrets Mills Ward & Lock 1863  $   60.00 3W embossed illustration of a horse and a sneaking man on cover
Irish Race in America Condon Ford's National Library 1887  $ 125.00 3W gold on page edges
The Horse's Mouth Mayhew Messrs. Fores ?  $   75.00 3W 2nd ed.
Poole Bros' Celestial Handbook Colas, comp./ed. Poole Bros 1892  $   90.00 3W
Powder, People and Place: Badger ordnance works and the Sauk prairie Goc New Past Press, Inc. 2002  $   95.00 3W signed; photo of Badger Ordnance Works and prairie grasses on cover
Mars and Its Canals - SOLD 7/3/19 Lowell The Macmillan Company 1908  $ 150.00 3W
A Critical History of Rationalism in Germany Saintes Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. 1849  $   95.00 3W
The New Military Humanism Chomsky Common Courage Press 1999  $   50.00 3W
Dialect in Swahili/A Grammar of Dialectic Changes in the Kiswahili Language Stigand Cambridge University Press 1915  $ 150.00 3W
Galloping Ghosts: The story of the Kentucky Derby 1875-1933 Henry Herald Post Incorporated 1934  $   25.00 3W PB; drawing of horse race on cover
Mr. Kennedy We Challenge You Harris Knightsbridge Christian Puublications 1960  $   50.00 3W PB; Subtitle: A Challenge to Senator John Kennedy including fifty-five subjects for debate on the proposition "Resolved: that a Roman Catholic president cannot impartially defend the constitution and advance the true welfare of the United States while remaining true to his religion."
Eleven Aztec Songs Ceely Inkwell Printers 1974  "100???"  3W PB; Aztec illustration on cover
Why Men Rebel Gurr Princeton University Press 1970  $   25.00 3W PB
The Lobster Books Hatch Houghton Mifflin Company Boston/The Riverside Press Cambridge 1951  $   95.00 3W The Curious Lobster and the The Curious Lobster's Island; illustration of lobster and crabs on cover
Astronomica Manilii/Hovsman Cambridge University Press 1932  $ 120.00 3W in Latin
The Adventures of Haroun Er Raschid and other Tales from the Arabian Nights Olcott Henry Holt Company 1923  $   45.00 3W gold embossing on cover
Historical Sketch of Baraboo: Memorials of a half century Canfield ? 1891  ?  3W lots of newspaper clippings, some old photographs slipped in pages
The Law of Population: Its consequences and its bearing upon human conduct and morals Besant Freethought Publishing Company 1891  $   10.00 3W cover completely detached
Our Babies: Their feeding, care, and training Bundesen ? 1940  $   30.00 3W back of book contains penciled in record for a baby born in Reedsburg in 1942
Cub Scrap Book ? ? 1950s  $   20.00 3W bound in string; pages blank; newspaper clipping and art project in between pages
"Black Jacob," A Monument of Grace:The life of Jacob Hodges, an African Negro Eddy American Sunday School Union 1842  $   50.00 3W severe cover damage
Katsu, The Fisherman Woodhull & Berkey Woodhull & Berkey 1937  $   49.50 3W PB; signed by author
Redridge and its Steel Dam Monette Weldon H. Curtin 1992  $   60.00 3W PB
The Gnome's Almanack Morpurgo Herbert Dubler, Inc. 1942  $   25.00 4W broken binding; illustration of gnome and insects on cover
Pony Carriages Offord & Sons Limited Cheney & Sons, Printers ?  $   19.50 4W PB; photo of pony and carriage
The Magnificent Squeak Hyer The Saalfield Publishing Company 1929  ?  4W comes in matching box
The Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Anekona Hawaii Anekona Hawaii 1969  $   29.50 4W PB
The Saga of Andy Burnett White Doubleday & Co. 1947  $ 150.00 4W No DJ
Mystery in Mission Valley Barnett & Barnett Oxford University Press 1947  $ 650.00 4W damaged DJ
Chelkash and Other Stories Gorky Alfred A. Knopf 1929  $   12.00 4W
Burn, Judy, Burn Nunn private 1981  $   95.00 4W signed by author
Eye Mind Drummond Process 2007  $   65.00 5W The Saga of Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators, the Pioneers of Psychadelic Sound